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In 2011, managing partners of Shah Associates, now a part of Medstar Shah Medical Group, were faced with a challenge. Patients with chronic conditions, at significant personal costs to their lives, did not have an effective way to telemonitor or to reach after-hours care in an affordable and effective way. This led doctors who believed they knew their patients best to seek the best way to help their patients if given the financial resources.

Leadership Health was created with the vision that, working together with world-renowned specialists, medical providers can create systems to help the most vulnerable patients get access to the best care at home. Through the combined use of house calls and the development of protocols, cellular systems, tools and training, we are able to provide patients with a high quality of care both in the clinic as well as in the convenience of their homes.

Leadership Health was founded in 2011 with the support of a Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) project between the University of Maryland School of Public Health and Shah Healthcare.

About MIPS

Market-driven new technology and innovation leads to new products and new jobs. Creating jobs in innovative Maryland companies is what the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program has been doing for 32 years. The effort brings the inventive minds and extensive laboratory resources of the University System of Maryland (USM) to bear on creating the new products that feed the growth of Maryland businesses.

Since the program’s inception in 1987, MIPS-enabled products have generated sales of $40 billion and climbing. MIPS is nationally recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a model program for best practices in transferring technology and is a proven program that contributes significantly to job creation and high-tech product development in Maryland.

The Kasturchand & Santaben Shah Fund

Dedicated to their life and legacy

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Santaben K. Shah

Kasturchand M. Shah

1915 - 2018

The Kasturchand & Santaben Shah Fund

Dedicated to their life and legacy

The Kasturchand & Santaben Shah Fund was founded in loving memory of Kasturchand and Santaben Shah to support initiatives and projects carried out on the principles of humility, service, the value for human life and non-violence.

Kasturchand and Santaben were born in the 1910s. The pair did not meet each other until the day they were married -- but what a journey their union would be! They had four sons and five daughters, all of whom either became physicians or married physicians. All nine families moved from India to the same small rural town in the United States and came together to create what eventually became the largest practice in the State of Maryland.

From this practice, many innovative health care-related companies have emerged, enabling the employment of thousands of hard-working individuals who touch the lives of patients and their families in a positive way each and every day.


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