Fulfillment, Return and Refund Policy

Practice Management Services

Leadership Health (LH) partners with medical offices ("Practice") to provide comprehensive practice management services. These services include the management of billing and collections, aiding in the efficiency and financial operations of the Practice.

Patient Payments

As part of our service agreement with Practices, LH handles the collection of payments from patients, including copays and coinsurance. These payments are processed in accordance with the terms agreed upon by the patients with their respective medical offices.

Self-Monitoring Devices and Diagnostic Kits

LH provides self-monitoring devices and self-diagnostic kits to patients on behalf of Practices. In certain cases, LH may require a deposit for these devices or kits. The terms and conditions for these deposits, including the return and refund policy, are communicated to the patients by their Practices prior to distribution.

Deposit and Refund Policy for Devices and Diagnostic Kits

Deposit Collection: Patients are required to provide a deposit prior to receiving any device or diagnostic kit. The amount of the deposit will be clearly stated and agreed upon before the device is issued.
Refund Eligibility: To qualify for a full refund of the deposit, the device or diagnostic kit must be returned to LH in the same condition as it was received. This includes being free from damage, fully functional, and complete with all components as originally provided.

Return Period: The device or diagnostic kit must be returned within the timeframe published and communicated by the Practice. Returns outside this period may not be eligible for a refund of the deposit.
Non-Refundable Deposits: If the device or diagnostic kit is not returned within the specified period, or is returned in a condition that does not comply with the terms stated (e.g., damaged, incomplete, or non-functional), the deposit will not be refunded.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding this policy or to initiate a return, patients are encouraged to contact Leadership Health’s customer service. The contact details are as follows:
+1 800 990 5491.

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