Calm Path

Calm Path guides you with mindfulness and meditation on a journey with an experienced mental health practitioner. We assist you through this general mental health and wellness program to analyze your thoughts and feelings. It’s our goal to help you become more aware of not just your thoughts, but also how you think.

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You can stop yourself more easily, if necessary, when you are more aware of your consciousness as you are making decisions. This program helps you to more clearly see yourself in the moment. It’s a better route than allowing your negative thoughts to take over your mind enough to dull your view of reality.

This is a general approach that is individualized by our team to meet your personal and unique needs. Calm Path has benefits for each person but is of particular help to those with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder and other mental health challenges.

Beyond a Chemical Imbalance

Of course, some medical providers might want a simple solution to mental health wellness. Perhaps you have been told you have a chemical imbalance in the brain and medication is the cure. Period. At Leadership Health, we know it’s more complicated than that -- but it’s not impossible to find a solution.

The core of our program is the idea that modern psychiatry is missing out on finding the larger root cause of mental illness if chemicals are prescribed to a patient and little or no further treatment is advised. Our team approaches this branch of health care with humility. Psychiatry doesn’t treat mental illnesses as only chemical imbalances in the brain -- and you need to know that there is more you can do.

You are a complex individual, and we want to guide you along the path to mental wellness by acknowledging that uniqueness.

Our Team’s Outlook

Calm Path is a non-prescription approach that treats what is causing you to have feelings that put a strain on your mental health. Of course, many patients benefit from short-term and even long-term medications to tame their mental challenges. But we look at what you’ve been through in life and consider what lifestyle issues might have affected you -- and often they are reversible. Mental health presents a special challenge, but it’s not an impossible equation.

Our team of behavioral health specialists, licensed social workers and a psychiatry nurse practitioner is here to hone in on your specific needs. Only you have had your one-of-a-kind life experience. We want you to know that there is not just hope but real healing ahead as you work with our staff along your Calm Path.

Take the Next Step

You can see the world with new clarity, and often completely free of prescription chemical assistance. Our team knows life can be better, and that’s what we want for you. Let’s get started!

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