Everyone needs a comprehensive cardiovascular wellness program -- and ours is tailored to you, focused on assisting you in maintaining a cardio-protective physical activity and nutrition regimen.

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We work closely with your PCP, endocrinologist and cardiologist. Your coach will help you:

  • Maintain a healthy lipid profile
  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Reach target weight goals

We help you aim for an aerobic target heart rate on a regular basis safely at home via basic exercises that go easy on your joints but give your cardiac muscles a run for their money. Our team knows how to get your heart to pump fast without wearing out the rest of your body too quickly.

Specialized Care

We recognize that no two people are alike, and Cardio1st® takes into account your unique requirements for your best health:

  • High blood pressure
    Idiopathic essential hypertension -- high blood pressure with an unknown cause -- is relatively common. Yet our team can typically help you reduce your blood pressure naturally via a combination of exercise, nutrition and meditation/stress management.
  • Mind-heart connection
    We know that stress triggers adrenaline and cortisol in unhealthy amounts that on a chronic basis are not healthy for the body to handle. We’ve all heard of 'fight or flight.' Faced with stress, the body has to choose its next move, and an increase in these chemicals on a regular basis must be met with some kind of release. Working out with our health coaches to improve stress management is one of the best ways you can help reduce your blood pressure.
  • Diabetes
    Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke, and diabetes is a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease, studies have shown. Humans can almost always help diabetes naturally reverse, and our medical experts can guide you on your way to a better outlook even in the face of your diabetes. A low-carb diet in conjunction with a Mediterranean diet full of healthy fats and protein to replace the majority of carbohydrates helps you naturally lower the load of sugars on your pancreas. This causes your body to use its natural fat as a source of fuel even when you are not exercising.
    We use this approach to reliably reduce blood sugar fluctuations and maintain insulin levels, helping to keep your diabetes under control. In turn, this can mean fewer or no medication for you and a lesser risk for a heart attack.

Individualized Plans

As with our other health care plans, Cardio1st® offers an individualized approach with a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your optimal health. We recognize that heart health is the most important power behind keeping your body going. Let us partner with you to get or keep your cardio fitness at its best.

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