Fighting Cancer

Even when taking on cancer -- a daunting task, certainly, for the most hardy patient -- you must maintain your overall health. In fact, it’s vital for the fight. Our team stands at the ready to take on the fight with you.

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Oncology Fitness

Fortifying your body before, during and after treatment -- that’s what oncology fitness is all about. Research shows that fitness during chemotherapy and radiation is key to improved outcomes and treatment success.

Each patient is different, so no two programs look alike. Our trained, professional staff knows that as an individual, you have specific needs that become even more pronounced with your fight against cancer. We guide you through mindfulness and meditation, in addition to physical fitness tailored to your abilities at any given time during treatment, so you can achieve the best results possible.

We work closely with your oncologist in aiming for physical fitness at home via strengthening and conditioning that can help protect your muscle mass and improve your ability to tolerate treatment.

More Than Working Out

This program is no traditional workout, and it goes beyond exercise. It’s based on your personal preferences and works around some of the most common side effects experienced by cancer patients. Nausea and loss of appetite are frequent, for example, so our dietitians help find meal plans that encourage healthy eating.

Just getting out of bed can be a struggle as you work to defeat cancer. Our mindfulness and meditation programs take this into consideration. We work within your limits as they change, giving you the tools to take this difficult journey step by step.

Let Us Help

Our Oncology Fitness program is tailored to both the first-time cancer patient and those returning to the battle. With the right physical and mental preparation, and guidance on all of the above from our experienced and compassionate team, you can bring your best self to combat.

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