Stay Well At Home

Created in response to COVID-19, Wellness at Home is a program designed to assist you in attaining and maintaining peak good health while avoiding going out in public. In particular, we had in mind those of you over age 65 or on Medicare for other reasons.

This program is 100% virtual.

Covered by Medicare and Most Major Health Plans.
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Our goal with this effort is to guide you into the comprehensive self-monitoring and lifestyle assistance you desire, depending on your health needs. We’re here to help.

The reality is that COVID-19 is not going away -- at least not for a long time. Even with progress toward vaccines, most Americans must deal with the reality that coronavirus soon will affect them or someone close to them, if it hasn’t already.

Let us walk this difficult road with you. We have advice on how to keep your home environment geared toward wellness and keeping you safe.

How We Can Help

You want to maintain an active lifestyle with an eye on monitoring your health and staying as physically fit as meets your personal needs. That’s the goal of Wellness at Home. We start with our self-monitoring equipment kit, which includes:

  • An infrared temperature monitor
  • A blood pressure cuff and pulse meter
  • A pulse oxygen monitor
  • A weight scale

Through our program, you also receive the guidance of a dedicated nurse practitioner who offers consultation as you need it and a dietician who can help you make the most of your meal plan at home. We also offer access to a 24/7 hotline for COVID-19 related questions, plus resources and mobile and web access to your personal health chart at any time.

COVID’s Wide-Ranging Effects

Staying healthy in general can help most people combat COVID-19. Having tunnel vision for coronavirus won’t do, however; our team will assist you in continuing treatments for your existing medical conditions even as you stay home to stay safe. And remember -- we’re not here to replace your current medical team, but to supplement it. We’re your extra resource to stay as healthy as possible with the added challenge we all face in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic.

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