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Telemedicine is Trending

Ever shrug off a small medical issue rather than go to the trouble of making an office appointment with your doctor? Telemedicine is decreasing this concerning lack of treatment for many patients and offering new options for medical help.

Making time to see your doctor can be a challenge. Sometimes an even bigger concern is if your medical provider will be able to make an in-person appointment for you in a timely manner. With the added worry of exposure to COVID-19 when you go out in public, there has never been a better time to experience telemedicine.

At Leadership Health, we are prepared to walk you through the process and navigate your busy schedule and your doctor’s limited availability. Telemedicine gives you a chance to talk to a physician by phone or online about nonemergency medical issues. And you can find a time that works for you.

How It Works

Telemedicine is simply receiving nonemergency medical attention via phone or video conference online. Medical providers can counsel you on issues ranging from simple, non-life-threatening physical ailments to mental health challenges such as depression or anxiety. You call or video conference your doctor at a scheduled time and talk just as you would in a face-to-face office visit.

For this, you need access to simply a telephone or computer. Smartphones and cellular access work well for telemedicine. You can talk to a medical provider safely and privately from your own home. You can also meet virtually with a doctor even if you are traveling.

A Vital Option in Light of COVID-19

More and more workplaces and services are going virtual to combat COVID-19 by limiting person-to-person interaction. Many people work from home now, needing simply an internet connection, phone and computer to complete their tasks. And that’s all it takes to participate in telemedicine, too.

As COVID-19 spreads at an increasingly fast pace, more people are avoiding public places. Certainly, it is concerning to sit for a long period of time in a medical office where other patients are gathered. Person-to-person contact is how COVID-19 is spread, and many patients have no symptoms despite being positive for the virus.

With telemedicine, you can stay safely home and worry less about being exposed to COVID-19. It’s not just a convenience -- it can help protect you from becoming ill. Yet you still can receive treatment for ailments that, left unaddressed, could seriously affect your well-being. Even the kinds of non-emergency health problems that can be treated via telemedicine could lead to serious illnesses if not tackled in a timely manner.

If you have some symptoms of COVID-19 or for other reasons suspect you have the virus or have been exposed to it, telemedicine allows you to seek treatment while helping keep others safe. You can consult a medical provider and not take the chance of possibly spreading COVID-19. In this way, you benefit from the latest in medicine while also helping your loved ones and community in working to curb the spread of the virus.

Advantages for Senior Citizens

Telemedicine has unique benefits for patients over age 50 and the elderly. Many senior citizens who have reached an advanced age or live in rural areas have challenges traveling to a doctor’s office. If you are in this group, you know that it is difficult to find transportation if you are unable to drive yourself. Winter weather also can be an obstacle, particularly in remote areas.

Now that COVID-19 is a concern, it is more of a risk for the elderly to be out in public. With its ease of use and adaptability to any home environment, telemedicine is an excellent option for these patients. There is no strenuous waiting in line and no long walk to a medical office. Seniors can talk to a doctor simply from the comfort of their living room chairs if they wish.

Other Advantages

Most insurance companies cover telemedicine appointments. This option also can be less costly for patients who do not have insurance. A telemedicine visit typically is not as expensive as a face-to-face, in-person doctor appointment. And it also saves time, often allowing the patient more direct access versus a long wait in a busy medical office.

It’s the Future -- And The Present

With all of these factors considered, telemedicine is clearly the future -- but the future is now. Today is the best time to try telemedicine for whatever non-emergency health needs you may have. Leadership Health is here to assist. Call us today and let us help!

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